Benefits Of Snakes

Benefits Of Snakes

Human beings are terrified of snakes. Some species of snakes are poisonous and can bite you to death. There are different myths across the globe which make people develop negative stigma around these reptiles. The largest proportion of the human population believes that almost all the snakes are venomous. This is the main reason why they are killed by people.

Snakes can be extremely dangerous especially when they are confronted. The only means of protecting themselves when threatened is through biting. They are known to be very angry when confronted. This article is going to discuss the advantages and benefits of snakes.

There are different types of snakes species. In fact, it is estimated that there are about 2600 different species. Some are very tiny whereas some have big bodies. Snakes are found in various parts of the globe including the wet areas and the deserts. Their chances of survival in the cold environment are very minimal, and you may not find them in such areas. However, there are some snakes species which can survive in the cold environment by hibernating.


Unlike the warm-blooded animals and human beings, snakes are known for consuming their entire prey meaning they do not suffer from any nutrient deficiency. For instance, anaconda can survive by feeding four times annually. Snakes are cold-blooded animals, and they cannot adjust their body temperature.

Anatomy of snakes

Snakes are long creatures which have no legs and hands. They have bodies which are entirely covered with scales. Additionally, they have stagnating eyes and a forked tongue which can be moved easily. There are some species of snakes which are not poisonous. These creatures have a very powerful hearing sense which helps them in recognizing and tracking their prey. Some of them use their venom in paralyzing their prey whereas some like the pythons rely on their powerful long and strong body to squeeze and kill their victims.

What is the role of snakes in the ecosystem?

Snakes play an important role in the ecosystem. They are part of the food cycle. These reptiles are experts predator and efficient hunters. They therefore helps in maintaining or regulating the number of other harmful animals which they feed on. Their main food is insects (small snakes), rodents (larger snakes) as well as other reptiles.


These insects and rodents will cause a lot of havoc on the plants if their numbers are uncontrolled. Rodents can also cause a lot of harm to your food when they enter the dwelling place.

Medicinal value of the snake’s venom

The venom obtained from snakes is used in the treatment of various ailments affecting the body such as heart attack and paralysis. Venom is also known for containing anti-aging properties, and it is used in making anti-aging medicine and creams. It is also very effective in preventing the growth of the cancerous cells.