Maintenance of a dehumidifier

Maintenance of a dehumidifier

There is a lot of dehumidifiers on the market, so it makes it hard to select the best one. But if you take a look at Choose Dehumidifier, the task of picking the best unit would be so much easier as they market only high-quality dehumidifiers. You will only have to choose one that you will need depending on the size and how much you want to pay for it.

The first step would be to find out your square footages of your home. Of course, the larger the area, the larger of a  dehumidifier you would need. The unit will have a scale on it telling you how big of footage it will handle.


You will have to decide what kind of control you want to have or if they even offer it in all the models. You want to be able to have full control over how much humidity you want in the air.

Make sure it has a way for you to determine the amount of hygrometer and humidistat. With this type of dehumidifier, it will sense the level of humidity in the room. If you are the type of a person who wants to control it your way, they offer manually operating dehumidifier.


2There are several ways to perform maintenance on your dehumidifier. You can check your dehumidifier to see if it is blowing out cold air. If it is blowing out colder air than the room temperature, then you will need to change the condenser coils in your dehumidifier, this should be done ever year. The way they should work is by pulling the air out of the room and returning it at room temperature.

Humid air

If the dehumidifier is blowing out wet air, then it could be a couple of problems that could be doing this. The most common problem is that your compressor is no longer working, or the coils could be just dirty.

If you have to replace a compressor, they are not that expensive, and very easy to replace. If it is just because you need to clean the coils, use a wet towel and wipe them on both sides leaving nothing behind.


Evaporator coils do only one thing, and that is to cool the air down as it runs through the dehumidifier having the water that it is collecting drop down into a reservoir that has a bucket under it and then pushing the air back into the air of the room.


3If you don’t feel the air passing through the dehumidifier, then it could be your fan. You can clean the fan because they will pick up dog hair or lint whatever it might be in the air. If that don’t work, then maybe it is time to change the motor of the fan which you can do yourself.