Important Fly Fishing Tips

Important Fly Fishing Tips


Like many other endeavors, fly fishing can take a day to learn but a lifetime to master. Here, we are going to go over a few simple tips to enhance your enjoyment, simple tips that will improve your enjoyment of this great sport. It is common knowledge that you should focus on the type of fishing that you plan to engage in.

It can be trout fishing, salmon fishing, fresh or saltwater fly fishing. There is always a lot of stuff to learn in fishing,  here are just a few tips that can be helpful to you.

Master the art of casting the fly line

22kngkroMastering the act of correctly casting a fly line can be complex. Although detailed, it’s better if well mastered it can become second nature. One trick that you should apply here is to practice regularly.To ensure that you are a master of this you should cast it regularly as opposed to most fly casters who cast only when they are out fishing. Make it a ritual to get your rods out and ensure that they are in working order.

Doing this regularly will make sure that you improve your casting technique. It is encouraged that you do your casting practice on the flat ground although casting into water is better since the line is simulated when you pick it out of the water.

Use proper sunglasses

Using the proper type of sunglasses is another important fishing tip. To properly protect your eyes while fishing, using polarized sunglasses will prove extremely helpful.This is because they will prevent them from directly feeling the glare off water, help you quickly spot the fish and help you spot the fish while wading.

Wading staff

You are encouraged to make good use of the wading staff for stream fly fishing. This is because they make all wading appear safer and easier. They are also very helpful as you work your way trough thick brush shore. The type that is collapsable is easy to carry and snap together almost instantly. They are tethered to your belt thus don’t float away. Therefore you should make a point of purchasing one.

Wade minimally

Wade minimally, when you approach a section of the river that you want to fish, you are advised to approach it with stealth. You are encouraged to move slowly, keep a low profile so that you don’t spook the fish away. So you should remember to wade slowly, don’t scare the fish and make a good casting presentation.

Check the furrels

33mmnnnYou are encouraged to check the furrels before and when fishing. In the instance that you are fly fishing with multiple piece rods, it is good that you check them periodically. This is because the more pieces that you have, the high chances that one furrels can become loose. Everything should be tight.

Be observant

You are supposed to be very observant. This immensely helps with your fly selection. If possible, you can scout the fishing spot before going there. Being aware of the environment and the feeding activities will always steer you in the right direction for choosing the correct fly.