How To Prepare For The Third World War

How To Prepare For The Third World War

People in different parts of the globe seem to be preparing for word war three. The increase military activities and tensions in the various regions of the World is a clear sign of “something” which is coming. However, you do not have to worry since this is something which is known to happen from time to time as it happened 16 years ago.

There are a few things that one needs to do or know when preparing for any emergency like world war three or a massive storm which might affect the distribution of various commodities such as food, water, and power supply. The preparations include the following;

Water storage

Water shortage is always experiences where places are hit with an emergency. One cannot live without water for a couple of days. It is said that an average person can survive for a month without food, but he or she would die in a few days when water is not available. Water is one of the most precious commodities in life that you cannot live without. This is a commodity which can be stored for long periods without going bad under proper storage. You should there make a point of stocking up on water by filling all your containers. The stocked water should be stored in a cool and a dry place.


Food is more likely to disappear from the local grocery stores during an emergency. Families should store enough food such as cereals in their stores. These foods can be stored for long without going bad. You can also store some fruits in the cans. Additionally, families are advised to prepare enough meals in the store which can last for about a week or so.


Individuals should always be prepared with other forms of energy in case there is a power outage during an emergency. Some of the ideal alternatives of energy include biomass and solar energy. One should not rely on the grid entirely. Always ensure that your household is prepared to handle any black power outs however long it might last.

You can install solar panels other residential units and in your motor homes. It is also possible to install the solar panels on the four wheel cars. Another ideal alternative is ensuring that you have plenty of batteries which can serve you for some time when there is a power crisis.


Emergency first aid

It is imperative to have the basic first aid items just like water, food, and solar panels. A first aid kit can be purchased from the local stores at a relatively low price. Make sure that it contains all the necessities.